humidor Are you perplexed concerning old cigars versus fresh cigars? What does this mean, specifically? If you’re brand-new to the world of stogie cigarette smoking, these terms can be a little perplexing. Essentially, know that stogies are never really fresh. That is, you typically can not buy a cigar simply after it has actually been generated. A lot of tobacconists keep their cigars at the proper temperature and also moisture before they are kept. Additionally, the cigarette in most superior cigars is usually aged for concerning one to two years prior to it is rolled right into a cigar.

Many smokers like old or classic cigars. Why? Older stogies are not naturally much better than more recent stogies. This is simply an issue of individual taste and also preference. How long can vintage stogies last prior to they lose taste and integrity? Stogies that are effectively kept at a consistent temperature level of around 70 levels, and also about 70% moisture, can be stored forever.

What happens if an old stogie is not kept effectively, and also begins to dry out? Although the integrity of the cigar will possibly be harmed, it can be restored dramatically by re-humidifying it. This procedure has to be done gradually and with wonderful like recover the stogie’s taste as well as consistency

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